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Business Litigation

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Guin Stokes & Evans attorneys have extensive experience representing business owners and their companies in a variety of business and commercial disputes. Here are just a few examples taken from published court decisions in the hundreds of business litigation cases that our lawyers have successfully handled. We’ve also included a few links to articles or seminar handouts we have written that may be of interest.

For more information about our business litigation practice, contact Tammy Stokes or  Dawn Evans.

Shareholder Disputes/Minority Shareholder Squeeze-Outs/Corporate Governance – When business owners disagree or fight for control, the results can be devastating both for their business and for the individuals involved. We can help you understand your rights and obligations and we have experience to help you avoid lawsuits or prevail in court when all else fails.

Fraudulent Sale of Business – When the seller of a business has misrepresented the company’s financial condition, the purchaser needs experienced legal counsel who understands financial frauds to recover damages. We have extensive experience litigating financial fraud and business valuation cases.

Non-Compete Agreements – Employers often require new employees to sign non-compete agreements that purport to restrict the employee’s rights to accept employment that competes with the employer. Covenants not to compete are also commonly found in contracts for the sale of businesses. Alabama’s statute governing contracts “in restraint of trade” has placed legal land mines in the path of many non-compete litigants. We have extensive experience representing both employers and employees in non-compete litigation.

Employment Litigation – Disputes between employers and their employees are commonplace. We not only represent clients involved in employment litigation, but can advise our business clients how to avoid such disputes from the outset.

Professional Firm Disputes – Law and accounting firm partnerships or similar arrangements operate much like marriages, and sometimes, too, end with divorces. In the heat of the moment, professionals may overlook key ethical and legal obligations that govern their relationships with both current and former partners or members. We can advise you of your rights and responsibilities so as to avoid any breaches before they happen. Or once the dispute has begun, we can represent your interests – either informally, through mediation, or arbitration or litigation if necessary – so that you can concentrate on building your professional practice.

General Commercial Litigation – If you’re in business for very long, you will run into disputes with competitors, customers or vendors. You can spin your wheels and pay a large law firm to use your business dispute to train their young associate lawyers, or you can go straight to an attorney who understands the issues you face and can guide you through the process to defend your rights.