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Securities Fraud

Image of attorneys discussing a legal questionFor several decades, our law firm’s “bread & butter” has been securities fraud litigation. Our attorneys have served as Lead Counsel in dozens of securities fraud class actions, ERISA/pension benefit class actions involving securities fraud, and large-scale individual cases arising from investment losses caused by fraud or other violations of the securities laws. Our lawyers represent both individual and institutional investors, such as mutual funds, public employee retirement systems, private pension plans or other financial institutions. Our cases have involved a wide variety of securities and fact situations, from publicly traded stocks and corporate bonds, to defaulted municipal bonds, mortgage-backed securities, exotic derivatives, limited partnership interests, “working interests” in oil and gas fields, Ponzi schemes (robbing Peter to pay Paul), and complex arbitrage and trading strategies. We also have successfully defended accounting firms and corporate officers sued for securities violations.

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Securities Fraud Class Actions: Partial List

ERISA Securities Class Actions

Securities/Stockbroker Arbitrations

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