D&G Law

Consumer Fraud Class Actions

Image of attorneys at conference tableConsumer Frauds – Most of our consumer fraud cases are brought as class actions, because individual consumer frauds often may not be handled economically on an individual basis.

Our consumer fraud cases have involved mortgage overcharges and servicing issues, violations of federal statutes (e.g., RESPA, ECOA, TILA, CROA) and state laws (e.g., UDAP, deceptive trade practices), defective products, failure of companies to honor their product warranties, credit repair frauds, bankruptcy violations, wage-and-hour law violations, and unconstitutional taxes. » read more about our consumer fraud class actions

Contact David Guin, Tammy Stokes or Charles Watkins regarding any consumer law violations.

Pension Miscalculations/ERISA Violations
– We have found that many pension plans miscalculate lump sum benefit payments. For some reason, the miscalculations tend to favor the employer. Filing suit under ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act), we have proven the calculation mistakes and recovered millions of dollars for retirees. Contact David Guin, Tammy Stokes, or Charles Watkins regarding ERISA breaches of fiduciary duty.

Deceptive Trade Practices

Unfortunately, many companies resort to misleading advertising or false claims of health benefits to sell their products. We have successfully prosecuted state and national class actions to force companies to sell their products honestly and to recover ill-gotten gains. Contact David Guin, Tammy Stokes or  Charles Watkins regarding any deceptive trade practices or false advertising.

Building Products Litigation

We have filed numerous class actions against building product manufacturers for selling defective construction material or for refusing to honor their product warranties. Contact David Guin or Charles Watkins regarding any defective construction product issues.