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Donaldson Guin Wins Business Fraud Lawsuit

A Jefferson County, Alabama, jury awarded a $225,000 verdict to D&G client AJP, LLC, a company formed by Pravin Patel to purchase a Super 8 Motel in March 2003. During negotiations prior to the purchase, Mohan Patel provided Pravin Patel with copies of purported Profit and Loss Statements for 2001 and 2002. After purchasing the hotel, Pravin Patel learned the 2002 gross room revenue was overstated on the P&L by approximately $86,000.

A jury returned a verdict for $75,000 of compensatory damages and $150,000 of punitive damages. The trial judge entered a judgment based on the jury verdict.

David Donaldson and Dawn Evans represented the Plaintiffs at the jury trial.